Monday, February 15, 2010

Drawers - Now and Then

I dragged the children out to visit Bed, Bath, and Beyond and purchase dividers for my utensil drawer. It was killing me that we had cleaned out this drawer but it still looked chaotic and unfinished without the divider ditties. Our gazillion year old house has really narrow drawers, apparently, so I got two drawers for the price of one!

Don't they look pretty??

Now, as a reality check for everyone and for the sake of honesty, I think I need to post a couple more photos. My brother has reminded me in the past that life as a mom is not a competition and I do think that blogging sometimes promotes that mindset. Since I would HATE for anyone to get the idea. . . wrong idea that I am super orderly and a neat freak, etc. I thought I would show update pictures on the drawers I organized in October 2009! (See here and here for the organized drawers.)

And here we see the top drawer of our blue hutch in it's present state:

And here is the bottom drawer:

We'll see how the utensil drawer looks four months from now!!!


Anonymous said...

Help! For some strange reason known only to computers, some of your pictures are coming through and some are not. Anyone else having that problem? Adelaide

Melissa said...

I just cleaned out my utensil drawer as well and it needs some dividers as well. Thanks for the idea.

What are slow cooker liners? I saw it in one of the photos. I don't think we have them here in Australia

BKicklighter said...

Melissa, Slow Cooker Liners are plastic liners for your crockpot that make clean up a SNAP! You cook your food in them and then just toss them when you are done!