Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Day

I'm just not a fan of this holiday.
I'm definitely not a fan of holidays on Sunday.

We had nursery duty yesterday.
We had snow yesterday.
I went to do nursery duty and Honey came an hour later for Sunday School and then worship.
KB had a MAJOR toileting accident and no change of clothing so I got beeped out of church.
By the time I got to the nursery they had found a red corduroy jumper for her to wear but no shoes.
The kids gave me disobedience for Valentines Day.
I was going to get Honey a gallon of sweet tea from a restaurant down the street but they wanted $6 for it. I told them that this Southern gal was NOT paying $6 for sugar and water! (Really, I only thought that.)
Honey picked out the PERFECT card (again). HILARIOUS.
We had small group last night.
I fell asleep before 10:00PM.

On to Easter. . . now there's a holiday that I can buy into *wink*
(even on a Sunday!)

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Debbie said...

Sounds a bit like some of our previous Valentine's Days, but yesterday was actually a very nice day here :). I hope that today is a better day for you all!