Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Drawers - Drawer 3

Blue Hutch Top Drawer

2 rechargeable AA batteries
1 crayon roll (half empty)
Palm Pilot keyboard
recharger for Palm
eye glasses cleaning cloths
coloring book
4 triangular paint brushes
8x10 of Cheely family (in their entirety)
Glade apple cinnamon plug-in
art paper roll
new box Crayola markers
camera strap
3 sets of cloth napkins - red, blue, orange
2 packs fall napkins
Flip video camera
4 CDs
1 unopened Chapstick
1 Shini-licious lip gloss
1 toy police car
clip reading light
glasses case
pencil case of old markers
emotion flash cards for Bubba
1 Crayola Beginnings crayon
cassette tape (?)
C battery
1 pack travel Kleenex
8" strip velcro
2 paper clips
Christmas tree ornament
Wite Out
dry erase marker
2 foam shapes from Discovery Toys game
barrett - blue polka dot
unsharpened pencil that says "Kindergartners are #1"
2 red felt circles (apparently from my sewing machine)
30 sparkle stickers

At this point there are a couple things you are probably asking yourself:
1. What IS her deal with travel Kleenex?
2. WHY are there multiple 8x10s in the "after" picture when she started with only one?
3. Just when did she forsake EVERY principle of cleanliness she's been taught?

I can answer #1 and 2.

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Melissa said...

I just have to ask. What is the yellow item that looks a bit like a baby chick?