Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Drawers - Wrapping it Up

So I committed to five drawers and today I deliver the last two!

Blue Hutch - Bottom Drawer

Pencil Case with 10 pens
Unopened pack of 6 retractable pens
Pencil Case with 3 pairs of kids scissors
Pencil Case with colored pencils
2 empty Pencil Cases
2 empty crayon rolls
1 half empty crayon roll
Snip Snip workbook
Let's Color book
Let's Color More book
CD player
Country mix CD
flash cards - colors
green tractor
6 Dilly dot markers
1st Book of Questions and Answers
1st Book of Memory Verses
bag of command strips/hooks
Tempura paint - white, yellow, green, orange
dictionary (for Scrabble)
sponge painters
pencil case holding the 30 sparkle stickers from the top drawer
2 markers
2 broken colored pencils
2 broken crayons
3 kid CDs
2 cans of silly string
small stack of drawing paper
one of those capsule thingys that you drop in water and it turns into a farm animal


I didn't take a before picture of the other drawer because I cleaned it by accident. It had craft stuff in it too and so I cleaned it out and combined the drawers.

too many pieces of contruction paper - most were torn, wrinkled, ridiculous
6 coloring books
3 pairs of kid scissors
1 fold up potty seat (WHAT??)
1 pencil case (I know, I know)
3 packs of flashcards
2 stray crayons
1 dry color wonder marker
basketball photo album with family's faces
2 "handy dandy notebooks" from Bub's birthday party


Most of this stuff needs to go somewhere else but I'm not sure where . . . yet. The possibility of an empty drawer is a bit scary.


Anonymous said...

Does this now mean that you'll have to change the name of your blog from the Blue Hutch? MM

Anonymous said...

o.k. so obviously you have an obsession with collecting pencil cases :)..... Where did you get the fold up potty seat? I have been looking high and low for one. Even your beloved Wal-Mart does not carry them (here, anyway). Glad you reached your goal! Good job Becky! :)

Stacy R

Glenda said...

I am jealous, Becky! Yet, you have motivated me to take just one drawer at a time and see some changes. How does this stuff materialize anyway? :) You done good!!! Love, Glenda