Sunday, July 25, 2010

Celebrity Friend!

Remember me talking here and here about my friend Julie, the professional organizer?? Today she was on the news doing a spot on getting organized for the new school year.  She did GREAT.  Don't know anyone who couldn't benefit from some back to school tips, so here's the link to learn from a master.  (And I know her!!!)

Another fun thing is that Julie has asked me to make some cute labels for her "bin central" and laundry room.  She will have opportunities for other organizers to see these and there is potential for future "gigs".  (Hence the cards I posted about earlier)  I get a little excited when I think about it.  Here's a couple of the things I did for her:

This is a tag for "bin central".

This will go on a glass jar.

I tried to simulate what they will look like:

And I took some of your advice and was thinking about a tag line.  What do you think about, " 'Cause every thing's more fun when it's cute!"?

That's enough for tonight.  Be sure to check out Julie ( on Fox News.


Anonymous said...

Cute!! I love the new tag line. Sounds just like you. MM

annaj said...

Love it!

Debbie said...

How exciting!!!