Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Command Central

We had a special event at our church - Organizing with Special Needs in Mind. My friend, Julie, the professional organizer, came and shared with the 15 women who attended. Of course I was completely motivated again after hearing her share and went home to stare at my stacks of paper.

Later that week Julie came by and I asked if she would look at my kitchen and tell me where to put the tools she had helped me with. She walked around my kitchen, walked around my basement, and then gave her thoughts. This picture shows my new "Command Central". I love it except. . .

1. I HAVE to train my Honey to not stack on the hutch.
2. I HAVE to train myself to not stack on the hutch - put things where they go immediately.
3. I can't find anything now that i am organized. I gotta figure that out. Maybe my labeler is the answer!

In our city Office Max is having their "20% off everything you can fit in this bag" sale this week. I have a bag if any of you wants to get your papers in order! Summer is a great time to get it done. Hopefully I'll have a new habit by the time school starts in August.

Isn't it pretty though? *sigh*

1 comment:

Julia said...

so pretty...
I know what you mean about putting everything in its place yet when you need it you can not find it b/c you are a stacker and that is how you used to remember to dind things. It is a twisted cycle!