Friday, April 30, 2010

Rock Star Mom and jammies

So, this shirt is the reason I am a rock star: (try to ignore all of Little's facial expressions in this post)

I know, you are thinking, "It's a shirt." The thing is that it started out as big as this one:

Little had to wear green today - to celebrate Earth Day - which was last week. Anyway, I took my 50% off coupon to Joann's and got a green tshirt for $3. The thing is they only had youth smalls and that is still big on my Little. Fine enough to sleep in but not for going to school. So, get this mom, I took the shirt apart and resewed it! Can you believe that??

I used an Old Navy shirt as a pattern, cut up the sides and across the bottom and the sewed it back up. I got the idea here and I think it turned out pretty good. Little does too. Her exact words, "Does it fit now? You made it shorter? You are a rock star!" Yes I am, Little. Yes I am. Happy Memory for me.

In other news, we almost have enough jammies for Little. The flowers ones from before, the polka dot ones above and these brown ones.
(This next picture has nothing to do with anything but she wanted to strike a "tah-dah" pose like her sister.)
I have one other pair in the works and I'm using the backdrop from Little's 5 year old birthday party photo booth. Re-use, Re-cycle, whatever. I might show you those. We'll see.


April Barber said...

you resewed a shirt? you are a CRAZY rock star! so impressed, my friend.

Debbie said...

Who knew you could cut down and remake a t-shirt??? You ROCK!

Carolyn Phillips said...

Can you remake some of my t-shirts... larger?

Nicole said...

Ok, two things: 1). I know a gal here in Columbia that literall has a business making t-shirts into "girly shaped/fitting" t-shirts (she also does those t-shirt quilts that you've also done. 2). Ok, did I get the expression "rock star" from you? I say it and not sure who I took it from first. Maybe Little?