Friday, April 30, 2010

Color of the Year

If you are a frequent visitor to The Blue Hutch you will have often heard it said that I should be paid to be me. I am just a humble gal who is apparently brilliant and years ahead of the people at Pantone. I don't know who/what Pantone is (which is equivalent to admitting I am not brilliant) except that they announced that the color of the year 2010 is turquoise. As in, the color of the blue hutch before we painted it with a black wash. As in, the color of my kitchen.

I am so hip.
Who knew???
(While this may make me a rock star, this is NOT the reason my daughter called me such. Tune in for that info a bit later today - when I get the photo downloaded!)
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Megan said...

Awesome. My 1985 carpet is SO in style right now. But so are my awesome Amy Butler shades I made in my attempt to redeem said carpet...