Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bubba's Birthday

One of my best friends has politely pointed out that Bubba's birthday is glaringly absent from this blog.  I forgot.  It's very indicative of how his birthday went.  I didn't forget the day or the shirt, but I just wasn't as aware as usual and the day just went by with minimal fanfare.  My little boy turned six and it was just so-so.  Still, I tell you about it, cause the shirt was cute and the cake needs the opportunity to end up on "Cake Wrecks".

So you know how we do birthdays around here - we make them about whatever the kiddo is crazin' on at that moment.  Well, iPads are all the rage at the Blue Hutch and Bubba just loves to play Mayan Puzzle.  He has completed all 50 levels but still goes back to replay often and watch everything blow up.  I tell you this because, at some point, Bubba mentioned that he could have a Mayan Puzzle birthday and I took note.  I am sure that he said it off the cuff but it worked for me and with the unhappy truth that his birthday, this year, landed in one of our family's busiest and most crazed weeks of the year.

So he had a Mayan Puzzle shirt (he can tell you how to solve it too):

 So, six squares makes for an easy puzzle (you just move the middle square to your right so that the matching fabrics line up) but he's six and it works!   A real puzzle looks like this:

 and this is what I used as a pattern for making the cake.  Of course I got distracted while drawing the squares and mixed the colors up, so I am not sure the puzzle on the cake is solvable.

I know it's pretty hideous, but it tasted good and held candles like it was supposed to:

We quickly opened presents:

and then Honey and I headed out to navigate two parent orientations at two different schools (we ended up attending the one at Promise together since we had done KDS before).  It's fun that he got Connect4 and we have enjoyed playing together.  He also got a drum pad and a DVD on how to play the drums - should be fun.  The gifts I am really excited about are a subscription to God's World News, the children's resource by World Magazine, and a trip to the aquarium downtown where he'll get to feed the fish (big and small) and have a back stage tour of how things work.  He's going with his daddy an it should be just perfect for my two lovers of learning.

So there you go.  I forgot to give him his pack of gum ("We don't chew gum till we're six" is what you hear quoted around here) and I forget to give him a six year commitment which involves our reading of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe together.  It'll be fine, I know, but messing up isn't easy for this gal.

At least I have now posted about the birthday and I can mark that off with a smile :) And he turned six. . . unfortunately there was nothing I could do to stop that.

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Debbie said...

What a clever birthday cake idea. I have never played (or even heard of Mayan Puzzle), but my interest is piqued. I think the cake looks great and I am sure he loved it! Sounds like 6 is a great year--with both gum AND Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.