Monday, September 12, 2011

I Found My Paper

On the nightstand - THAT's where I found one of the slips of paper with notes of what I just couldn't forget to type up so that one day I could tell the stories to my children and watch them blush.  Was it worth it? One item - kinda; one item - definitely; one item - eh.  I'll let you guess which is which. . .

1.  My friend, Michelle, gave us a bunch of books when she recently cleaned out her house and moved.  Several of the books are from the Explore and Learn (affiliate link) series and I have been giving them to Bubba over time.  His favorite so far is on Earth and Space and he can quote all kinds of facts about the earth's core and the planets, etc.

After the earthquake hit in Virginia/DC, I was telling Bubba what had happened and he proceeded to tell me how the earth had shifted and the movement caused walls to crack and blah, blah, blah - straight from the book.  I  told HIM that walls had cracked at the Pentagon and we Googled it so he could see pictures.

He was riveted.  He went and found his workbook on the 50 states, found DC, and drew a Pentagon in the approximate location of the real building. He asked what happened in the Pentagon and why the earth and shifted under it and caused walls to crack blah, blah, blah.  It was AWESOME to watch him learn.  FRIGHTENING, but awesome.

2.  The other day when we got home from preschool, I turned around to find KB standing in the driveway with  her baby doll and school bag in one hand and my Diet Dr. Pepper can in the other with two fingers out as she waved and hick-nodded to passing drivers (like these guys).  While looking for a photo to show you I learned that this is called a two finger farmer wave.  My three year old aced it.

3.  Bubba has to wear a patch over his left eye until October.  His right eye is the eye he had surgery on way back when and it is still weak, so we are hoping that the patch will force him to use it more and it will grow stronger.  He is NOT excited about the patch.

The two weeks before school were fine.  He only has to wear it two hours a day and we would knock that out first thing while he was watching cartoons, playing in his room, etc.  Then school started and he told me that he didn't need to wear it there; people would laugh at him.  First of all, WHY is my Kindergartner even thinking about/aware of that?? I told him that if he wore the patch at home he wouldn't have to wear it to school but if he wasn't being faithful at home he would have to wear it in his classroom.  He  wasn't faithful at home.

We had the conversation in the van about the fact that I didn't believe kids would laugh at him.  If anything kids would say, "I wish I had a patch to wear like a pirate."  He ended up jumping out of the van and tootling into school without a hesitation.  Now remember - he only had to wear it for a couple hours.

When I picked him up at 3:55PM he was STILL wearing the patch.  He ran over and grabbed my hand and I said, "You still have your patch on! Was it a good day?"  He answered (in complete monotone), "It was fine, mom.  I didn't take my patch off.  And no one said, 'I wish I had a patch to wear.'"  That was ALL he said.  Seriously.

Now you tell me - was it worth it?


Julia said...

It was most definitely worth it!!!!

Debbie said...

Your great stories are always worth it! I think KB giving the "wave" was my favorite :).