Thursday, September 15, 2011

Two TuTus and a Soccer Ball

As a recap, our children are 7, 6, and a month shy of 4. Up to this point we have not been involved in any extracurricular activities outside of church. This year has brought with it "the big change".  That's right folks, all three of our kids are ready for/in need of some kind of group activity at the same time. (It's moments like these that make me feel like a non-traditional mother of triplets - go ahead and roll your eyes, Kitty - even though I KNOW it isn't the same. Developmental delays of different proportions in two different kids often allows for multiples reaching the same milestone simultaneously. In that vein, enter ballet and soccer.

KB started ballet last week after talking about the desire to do ballet for a solid year. She is part of a class on campus and five or six of the other girls are all friends from church.

We weren't allowed to stay and watch, so I snapped a photo or two very quickly and headed to the playground with my friends for a 30 minute child-free chat. Fun for KB - fun for me!

Our son started soccer practice three weeks ago. (He is very particular about you calling it soccer practice so as to differentiate between that and the actual GAME.) With two practices under his belt, we headed out this past week to our first game - KDS vs. St. Clements of Rome.

Doesn't get much cuter than this:

If I am honest, I would have to admit that I never expected to see this

or this

Funny thing is, we never saw a game. The boys went out on the field to warm up and the sky opened up and dumped a ton of rain on us. The boys left the field and found shelter to wait ten minutes before reassessing the situation.

The rain did NOT let up and our little boy was let down. The rest of the day he would sporadically pipe up with, "The soccer game was cancelled. We'll have a game next week with no rain." Pray with us - we need the rain but we also need a soccer game!

Last but not least, Little started ballet yesterday. After a week of lugging her brother to soccer practice and listening to her sister talk about ballet, Little turned to me and said, "Mom, Bubba does soccer and KB does ballet - - - what am I going to do?" Great question. I had been thinking about it but just hadn't found the thing that seemed suitable. I sat down at the computer and emailed the gal in charge of ballet on campus and it turned out there was one space left in the 6 and 7 year old class and the teacher is a friend who I felt comfortable calling and asking if she thought Little would be okay and not too big of a distraction. Michelle signed off on it and Little headed to ballet just hours later.

I haven't heard much about how it went but I have been shown how to twirl on my toes and told there is a way to put my feet (never toes together?). I am thrilled that she'll have a group activity and will be in a loving environment. It's crazy how defensive I get on her behalf - - I just don't want her to feel foolish. I think she is incapable of that but I'm just not 100% positive.

So everyone has something and I have a new relationship with my car seat.  Wouldn't it be cool if you could plug your sewing machine into your cigarette lighter?


Debbie said...

Welcome to this new stage of life!! Your gonna LOVE it! We just put our 3 soccer chairs back in the back of the van so they are available for every soccer game. It makes it a bit more difficult to get the groceries back there, but I'll manage for a couple of months :). Get your camera ready--you are going to have lots of great memories to capture!

Kitty said...

Rolling me eyes. ;)