Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Portraits and Puking

One of the beautiful things about family is how we share, right? Pbllll! Sharing is great until it comes to germs, three kids, and fever.  

The week before our guests arrived both Little and Bubba had experienced 12 hours of yuck.  Bubba's clash with grossness involved high fever and throwing up.  *Just a note on that.  This was the first time one of my kids had thrown up who could talk to me.  It was AWESOME! So great to have someone say, "I'm going to be sick" and then run to the bathroom instead of throwing up all over me and the carpet.  Seriously.  I know it is gross to talk about, but the fact that there was little to no clean-up was so GREAT.

Okay, back to the story.  Little had only had the fever.  So the upside of her soiree with sickness was that she wanted to snuggle but didn't vomit.  

KB was well until the in-laws arrived.  Tuesday she started feeling HOT but by afternoon she was fine again.  I decided we would keep the appointment we had for getting pictures made the next day (I really wanted a photo of the kids with the grandparents and who KNOWS when we'll be together again).  Well, she woke up with 102 and I gave her ibuprofen. The effects of the medicine were apparent, meaning she was running and jumping all over the place, and we headed out to be the first appointment of the day at Penneys.

Not only was it the WORST experience I have ever had at Penneys (I filled out an online survey of our time and told them we will NOT come back when that photographer is there), but because the picture taker was so slow and wouldn't listen to what we wanted KB's medicine wore off and she turned into a pile of hot mush.  These are what we ended up with - no choices really - just the decision to buy the ones that were somewhat centered.

We didn't intend to get individual shots done, but these were actually the best ones taken.  I love that I have this picture of Little with Scout - she takes that animal with her EVERYWHERE and now I have 1000 words wrapped up in this precious picture.

Bubba's birthday is next week so it was time for a six year old picture anyway.  This is the close up shot but in the one I framed you can see his legs and feet.  Those feet are HUGE.  I just can't believe how much he is growing.  Makes my mommy heart a bit tender.

And then there is this trouper.  This is my beautiful baby with 102 fever.  Look at that smile.  How could I NOT get a copy of this photo, eh? Seriously.  All the jokes I make about her giving us a hard time. . . KB is a delight; an absolute joy.  I'm just so glad God gave us this little one to bring spark to our little clan.

In true Blue Hutch fashion, we decided to do Chickfila for lunch.  We WERE already at the mall so it just made sense *grin*.  Halfway through the meal KB started looking peaked and super mom (that's me) got a fry container under her chin JUST in time to keep her sickness contained.  You should have seen the men moving.  Almost immediately I had Chickfila bags-o-plenty.  

The little girl threw up twice and was fine after that.  We didn't know that was going to be all, though, so we left immediately.  I went outside to sit with KB and wait for the family to bring the car around.  She would NOT take her face out of the bag.  She was so nervous about getting sick again.  She kept it just like this for the next hour.  Hilarious.

The rest of the visit was fun and low key.  We went to Office Depot as a family because they had pencil sharpeners for a penny and a limit of 3/person.  We ended up with 21 which will be great for one class on Valentines Day.

All-in-all it was a wonderful visit.  It was fun to have these two all to ourselves and spend time together at a relaxed pace.  The downside to living in the Midwest is the distance from family and we are so thankful the Lord saw fit to give up these moments together.

Sweet Kicklighter men.  
I wish Bubba had his glasses on because the resemblance between the three is already uncanny.  The glasses would have made it hilarious.


Julia said...

Oh my was that a tale! The photo of KB with her face in a bag will follow her the rest of her life. Little with her stuffed friend was a joy to see. The 6 yr old birthday photo of Bubba was perfect!

Sandy said...

You are amazing to me! You do such a wonderful job of parenting and are able to laugh at times like these and then document them. What memories to cherish! Your family is a blessing to ours!

porternews said...

Wow, those shots of your kids are adorable! I wouldn't have passed on those either. So cute!

Marcie said...

You are a trooper. I think the photos are great, especially given the circumstances.

Debbie said...

Gotta love those family photo memories!