Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Son and Soccer

So last week was the beginning of soccer.  Bubba will be quick to tell you that he "did not play soccer" he "practiced soccer".  It was boiling hot and they took water breaks ever 15 minutes, but after an hour Bubs came running to me (the first time I was aware that he was aware I was even there) and let me know he had "practiced too much".  Covered in sweat and exhausted, my little boy had enough for the day.

I gave him his water bottle and told him to take it back with him to Coach Wacker; all that was left to do was pray.  In a display of dramatics that would have made his little sister proud, our Bubba went back to the "huddle", took a long drag from his water bottle, and flopped down on his back on the ground with a moan.  Ridiculous.

He loved it though.  He did a super job and he loved it.  No practice this week but he's looking forward to next week already.  We got a soccer book from the library to hold him over.

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