Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hot Headed at Grants

Just to prove that we hadn't learned our lesson, we set out the next morning for Grant's Farm.  We were there 45 minutes, I think, before we were ALL ready to go.  Well, Little was doing alright because she was wearing her new cooling vest.  See that little pink vest she has? It's filled with ice and keeps her body cool since she can't do it herself.  It was a lifesaver that day.

A highlight of the day was watching these two mammoth tortoises walk and eat.  I have never seen them move and the show this day was amazing.  They had both been just sitting there (as usual) and all of a sudden one got up as if to say, "I'm done sittin' here.  It's uncomfortable."  When she (?) stood it was revealed that she was sitting on a plate of veggies.  No wonder she was a mite uncomfortable.

  No sooner did that tortoise walk away than the other stood and walked to eat off the tray.  Another first: watching a H-U-G-E turtle open those jaws and snap down on whatever there was.  (Oh, and when that tortoise moved we were shown another plate of veggies to fight over later.                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Relief was sought in the water sprayers/mist-ers BUT what it really did was make you feel all humid.

We rode the carousel, fed the goats, ate a snow cone and we were ready to GO.  See these smiling faces? This photo is called, "So Happy to be Leaving".

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Anonymous said...

Dear Becky, you have got to learn to get out of those "T" shirts made out of stretch fabric and into cool sleeveless light cotton blouses. They really do make a difference, as someone who can't even bear to visit Sydney in summer will tell you. And as for Queensland, well, forget it. Tasmania is just fine. Love from Helen