Monday, August 22, 2011

Magic with the In-Laws

The last thing that happened in July that MUST be told here, was the visit from the in-laws.  It was wonderful to have time with them after a LONG time of being apart.  Honey's folks live outside Savannah, GA and it's a 14 hour drive (Linda doesn't fly), so it is quite a commitment to visit.  It's hard for us to make the trip with three little ones and their weird sleep needs, etc.   So this was the first time they had seen KB since she was 6 months old and the first time she had met them in her way of thinking.  We planned a couple things but knew that time together was the main goal and doing that at home was just as great (if not better) as doing it on the go.

One of the outings we planned was to the Magic House.  I knew Jeriald would get a kick out of the place and the kids had won tickets from the library.  We went EARLY because the temperatures were supposed to be so high (heat indexes of 115 all week that week).  We also played in the front yard right away and for the first time ever.  We ALL had fun but we were ALL glad to go in to the air conditioned house!
Great minds at work:

Jeriald and Little made something that actually looked like a something!

Everyone went to the very top of the beanstalk for the first time.

I love the baby nursery.  It is my favorite room, I think.  It was so fun to watch Little dress as a doctor (ironically from the Children's Hospital where the doctor said she might not ever ____________) and read the chart that told her the five steps to take with the babies.  She listened to one's heart, weighed her, fed her, bathed her, and changed her diaper.  Then she crawled up into the rocking chair and rocked the baby before putting her into the hospital bassinet.  Absolutely precious.

It was seriously hot, folks.  

The adults were exhausted in no time.  Lunch was a great reason to head out and the rest of our day was spent lazily chatting together.

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Debbie said...

Looks like a fun place! Great memories!