Saturday, August 20, 2011

Not Forgetting - the end of that list

Don't know if you remember the list I was working on a month or so ago where I was trying to remember to not forget certain things.  Well, I forgot I had two things left and finally remembered and got the pictures together to share.  Here we go.

1.  KB's prayer
2. Bubba's bust the window outcha car
3.  Little's IEP
4.  KB - ur so ugly mamma
5.  Dominoes with Bubba
6.  The Help
7.  Promise
8.  Bubba's swingset concert
9.  1st grade read aloud
10.  Little's Mona Lisa and Starry Night

9.  At the end of the last school year Little's class invited the mothers to come for a Mothers' Day Read Aloud.  Each child walked up to a stool in front of the classroom and read their story aloud for everyone to hear.  It was extremely entertaining and Little did a super job.  This is her story (she won "Best Illustrator).

And LASTLY. . .
10.  You have heard me mention Little's surprisingly good drawings while at Mason Ridge Elem.  Her final two projects brought me to tears and merited a call to her teacher..

First there was this famous number: 
Good, eh? Picasso, eat you heart out. . . 

And just so Davincci won't feel left out by the artistic spankings my daughter is dealing out. . . 

Now I can go mark these last two things off my remember list and you can (finally) sleep soundly tonight.
Oh, the teachers says that Little received no more help than the other kids in the class.  Hmm.

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Melanie Z. said...

Seriously...that's some incredible art!