Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Parks and Pals

Where we live there are TONS of parks.  The parks would make the top ten list of things I would miss if the Lord ever called us to move.  I decided that this summer I wanted to visit a different park each week and as many new ones as we could.  We've done pretty well.

Week One found us at 

This was a new park to us and the reason we went there was a bit different for us too.  There was a special program for preschoolers.  The wildlife preserve was presenting a little something they called Turtles For Toddlers.  KB and I went to learn what we could about turtles.

I was a little surprised by how many people were there.  A story was read, empty shells were passed around to touch and pictures were used to compare the feet of swimmers vs. land dwellers too.

The highlight, of course, was when the real live turtle was brought out and allowed to run free between the toddlers.  The time ended with a craft (turtles made from paper plates and tongue depressors).   Good times.

The next week we were joined by our Luthin friends and we faced the heat at DP Park.  There's great playground equipment for climbing, running, and sliding.

And there is also this fun water pole thing to cool off in when the heat is just too much.

KB was glad to have friends to splash around with.  Nolan is just one day older than KB and a sweet friend.

The next week found us visiting V. Park.  I sat and watched my three year old approach two boys who were sitting on a rocking motorcycle thing like this one (but the one at our park was bigger and had a side car on it).
So she walked up to these boys who were about 8 years old and started to talk to them.  She said two or three sentences and the boys looked at each other, got off the toy, and walked away.  KB climbed up and started to rock.  I was on the phone with my sister trying to imagine what she was saying to them.  Something like, "Hey big boys.  Don't you think my bouncy curls would look great while I rock on that motorcycle? See me wrinkle my nose and smile at you? Thanks, guys."

Later I asked her what she said to them and she replied matter-of-factly, "I said, 'Don't you want to let me have my turn? You should share and I would like a turn."  And they got off and walked away! I would have thought that one of them would have said, "We just got on, little baby.  Wait for your turn."

That day at the park ended abruptly when the sky turned black and the thunder rolled.

For week four we met Coralie and Moriah at S. Park.  It was SO STINKIN' HOT.  We were only there an hour but that was plenty in that heat.  They didn't have any kind of water feature but when KB got into the car she was soaking wet from sweat.  It was worth it to be with our Cowan friends.

Week five was this past week.  We played on the church playground one day but I don't really think that counts.  My parents came for a visit and we did all kinds of fun things but none of them involved being outside in a park while the weather was 100 degrees+.  We're smart that way.  This week is hot too so maybe we will have to focus our attentions on another park that features water.  Anybody got any ideas?


Anonymous said...

Does City garden count as a park? We went last week and LOVED IT! We would meet you there unless you have a strict one friend/one park policy.

Who am I kidding? We'd meet you anywhere. :-)

annaj said...

Cute! I love KB's orange/white outfit! Save that one! :-)