Thursday, July 14, 2011

Playdate - It was a zoo!

Every other Thursday a group of moms (and their kids!) get together for, what has come to be called by our generation, a "play date".  The activities can range anywhere from an Easter egg hunt in Spring to letting the kiddos play in the basement while the mommies chat and chat and chat.  Recently, we met at the zoo.  It was comical.  So many three year olds.  So many strollers.  Wow.

The animals were fine but THIS was my favorite site of the day. . .

 We actually got all the kids onto a rock for a group photo.  You can see everyone but Grace - her brother has her boxed out.  Still, not too shabby.

Then there is this one.  My daughter smiling for any cameras that may still be clicking away and EVERY OTHER kiddo is staring at the crying baby.  She has such a tender heart. . . when the cameras are off *wink*.

We've missed the last two dates but we're excited about getting back into the swing - KB needs the playmates and mommy needs the conversation!

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