Monday, July 11, 2011

Slack Dawg

I have been a bloggin' slack dawg over the past several weeks.  I don't know why it has been so hard to get my thoughts out and pictures off the camera. . . maybe it's because summer school ended and I have had three munchkins running around my feet all day every day.  Maybe.

So, on we go to catch up on things I never posted but want to have on record for future blog books!

Before it got so hot you could fry eggs on our sidewalk, we drew with sidewalk chalk.  Good times.

Friends from our past came to visit friends from our present and we all hung out and broke bread together.  Here are all the children (minus one baby that I was holding for Coralie) ready to dive into dinner:

Here's everyone - doesn't it look like Coralie is a lone reed sticking up in the middle? I don't know why no one moved in closer.

Coralie, Jawan, and Me

We played with paper bags.  This is Little modeling her evening gown by Aldi.

 And KB's new cottage - just the right size and very eco friendly.

There have been pony tails:

and poor fashion choices:

Then there have been craft ideas gone terribly wrong.  I thought to myself, "Decorating flip flops - that would be fun!" We used paint pens and before I knew it people were coloring all the surfaces of the shoes.  KB's feet were different colors daily for over a week.  Poor Choice.

That's a good bit for now.  I don't have an update to my reading list but I still need to write about Little's Read Aloud at school and then there's Turtles, Parks, and Playdates.  If that weren't enough, we had a major holiday and a visit from my parents! Throw in a few adorable lines from our children and photos of their pretty faces. . . well, you just aren't going to want to wander too far away.

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Meagan Price said...

Was that my old apartment at Gulf??? Looked like my white cabinets!