Thursday, April 28, 2011


They have the new timemine calendar covers up for your viewing pleasure.  I LOVE a couple of them.  The only thing that makes my heart sad is when the cover I love the most is on the size I just can't use.  Oh well, go take and look and ask for yours for Mother's Day.

You would think I was getting a free calendar, but I am not.  I just LOVE the product.  Makes me sad to think about getting an iPad 'cause Honey wants me to start planning on that.  I love my paper!!

Hey now I mentioned another product! If I were Ellen I'd be rolling in it.  Ooops - did it again.  Better stop now!


Rebecca Brown said...

I wondered if you hit the mark for that iPad with the yard sale? I hear it's WONDERFUL; you may not miss the paper as much as you expect. :)

Anonymous said...

just saw the new covers! I love the hot pink giraffe- so sad it is in the small size!