Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Twisted Weather

We had tornadoes on Good Friday.  It seemed appropriate for the sky to go dark as people were sitting in church focusing on our Savior's death.  The sky went dark that night too, right?

We had a couple friends who were hit by the storm.  The odd thing about these storms (in my opinion) is that they hit major cities and airports (for heaven sake!); none of this remote area farmland scenarios.

Originally from Alabama, I have sat in the hallway with my head between  my knees many times and waited for a storm threat to pass.  Today my hometown was hit by tornadoes.  Just now I read on Facebook that 53 are known dead already.  The photos are terrible.  These storms hit real places and there are people I know and love who are in jeopardy.  Maybe that's what makes the places seem more real, eh?

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