Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Clarifications and More

Let me clarify. . .

1.  In this post, when I mentioned dinner with "real friends", I didn't mean that in a "everyone pretends to like us but these are real friends" kind of way.  I meant it in a "they are so genuine" kind of way.  Sheesh.

2.  Regan is having a baby boy.  So sorry that it wasn't as obvious as I thought it was.  She'll be glad to know her smile was considered big - she is still. . . adjusting to the news.

And now more. . .

1.  I went to the movies the other night and the girls that sat behind me were hilarious.  For fifteen minutes before the previews began I listened to them talk and actually laughed out loud at one point.  Girl #1 said, "I can't believe you got that HUGE bag of popcorn.  Did you get butter at the butter bar?"  Girl #2 responded, "There is a butter bar?"  Girl #3, "How do I get one of those in my house?"   Pretty funny.

2.  I got a babysitter and rushed out of the house without dinner tonight to go to a meeting at the church at 6:00PM.  When I arrived to an EMPTY parking lot, I remembered that the meeting had been moved to next Monday and I hadn't changed it in my calendar because "surely I'll remember since it is spring break."  Oh well.

3.  My high school friend, Heather, turns 40 today.  She is the second of my dear high school girlfriends to turn the big 40.  WOW.  She is OLD.

4.  My upstairs hallway is lined with clothes since it was 50 degrees at the end of last week and 80 today.  It's that time of year where no one knows what to wear in the midwest.  AND it is hard core prep for yard sale time so that doesn't help keep the hallway clear either.

5.  My friend Jawan's kids love praise music.  My kids are really into "OOOOOOHOOOOOH"  right now,  a.k.a Carrie Underwood's "Cowboy Casanova" or #16.  Barry White is running a close second and when it comes on KB yells, "It's the big baby one.  Daddy it's you! You are calling momma!! I like this one. . . my dahlin I cangit nough yo luv baibeh."  Good times.  (It's Honey's ringtone on my phone)

6.  Honey is off this week for spring break; they closed the seminary for the week.  I have quite a list for him and he marked quite a few items off today.  On the list there are still 20 pictures to be hung.  We have lived here 4+ years and I am just now hanging artwork.  Some of it is my own:

And for each child. . .

Until next time. . .

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Debbie said...

I KNEW I would love your next entry and I DID! What cute posters!