Sunday, March 20, 2011

Big News

Remember that I told you I was keeping a friend's kids while she went to the doctor? Well, she was going to the OBGYN.  It was a big day - "find out the baby's gender" day.

Now, I have to stop and say one thing here: I don't get military wives and how they live; they are a different breed, called to a different lifestyle.  My friend Jen has just finished her second year of mothering single since I have known her and I don't know how she does it.  How does one stay connected with a man living so far away who is engaging in such emotionally stressful situations daily while you raise his kids alone? And do it with a smile!!!??? "He gives more grace. . . "

What does that have to do with "find out the baby's gender" day? Well, Regan's husband had just left the day before for . . . somewhere over there.  I am pretty sure Afghanistan.  He's been to Africa before, so for some reason I am confused now.  Never mind.  So, he was being deployed and left on Sunday and then on Monday Regan went to the doctor alone to find out if she was having another boy.

So we made cupcakes.

You know me. . . if there is anything I am committed to (other than Jesus) it's fun and by golly Regan was going to have a fun memory with her boys and fun photos to share with Billy.  And what's more fun than a sugary treat in the middle of the afternoon?

I could tell by her eyes what the baby's gender was but didn't say anything so she could play with her boys and point to the gender specific colored cupcakes.

Isn't she beautiful? Can you tell what they are having?


April Barber said...

You are a dear friend....

Julia said...


Anonymous said...

I'd have guessed a girl but looks like they are pointing to a boy. The anticipation is killing me. Tell us, tell us! MM

Debbie said...

I think the giant smile means GIRL!! Please do tell!