Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday, March 11, 2011

I've been having lots of thoughts and my kids have been saying lots of things worth remembering so I thought I should take a minute to record them - - I won't remember them tomorrow:

1.  OF COURSE the tsunami has been at the forefront of my mind today.  I feel a little weird admitting it, but the thing that I keep thinking about is NOT what you would expect.  All day I have thought of Nate Berkus.  Seriously.  I was wondering if he watched any of the footage and how sad he must be thinking of his own tsunami experience.  I prayed for him.  Silly maybe, while so many are in horrible conditions across the world, my heart was tugged for the "sitting pretty TV show host in Chicago".  He needs Jesus too.

2.  We had dinner tonight with friends; real friends.  We haven't known them long, they haven't even lived here a year, but I can see why people lament on Facebook about missing them.  Conversation comes easily, laughter is a staple, hearts are shared - real stuff and deep.  I offered to clean her house when she goes to the hospital in labor - now THAT should communicate how much I care about this family.  The people I have cleaned for are few and far between.  I don't always even clean for my own family.

3.  Another new friend asked me to help her with her kids next week.  She has a appointment with the doctor to find out her baby's gender (the day after her husband deploys to Afghanistan) and she called to see if they could stay at our house.  I can not tell you how much that meant to me.  Very few people ask me to do that and it really ministered to my heart.  So, I'll have two five year olds and two three year olds on Monday and it should be FUN.  I'll let you know Monday night  *wink*

And now we break to bring you this adorableness:

4.  We put 1001 Bunny Tales in our Netflix streaming queue and let the kids watch a couple Bugs Bunny cartoons; only a couple because we realized, maybe for the first time in our lives, how many time Yosemite Sam says "Gosh Darn" and "Idiot".  It was a bit cute watching Bubba giggle when the coyote got bonked on the head, but we finally turned it off.  The cute part of this story is that Bubba still asks to see "Bubs Bunny".

5.  We had a huge storm last week.  The wind was unbelievable and the hail was ridiculous.  The first time the yard tornado siren went off Honey said, "I'll go check the news."  The siren stopped moments later but within seconds the wind picked up, stuff was hitting the roof, and the siren went off again.  I grabbed my phone and grabbed Little out of her room and we headed to the basement.  (It was 11:30PM)  Honey got KB and Bubba and brought them down.  There is an extra winged back chair stored down there and I got the girls all snuggled down in it together, under a blanket.  I pulled out the old crib mattress and covered it with blankets too and Bubba snuggled down like he planned to stay there.  Little was having a hard time staying awake and said multiple times, "Mom - please don't make us sleep down here!"  I assured her that as soon as daddy said it was safe, we would go back to bed.  Bubba said, "I am cold."  And KB, a chip off the old block, said, "This is so FUN!  Can we eat while we are down here?"  Her eyes were wide and sparkling.  Man I love that little monkey.  In the end we were all fine and "THE PLAN" (in case of tornado) my mom is consistently asking about worked.

6.  My mother-in-law has a birthday next week.  She and my father-in-law are hard to shop for.  They don't want much and what they do want/need they go get.  Hers is the 15th and then my nephew's is the 19th and then my sister-in-law and mother are in April.  I love birthdays.  They are more stressful now than when we were kids; I can't just give my MIL a rock and tell her it's a doorstop.

Once again we pull the reins so you can feast your eyes on the adorable.  This is what KB wore to school on Wednesday.

7.  I pulled all the binding threads out of Little's quilt last night.  This next week I am going to cut all the material for the binding.  This sucker is getting finished, darn it all.

8.  This week we have been faithful to the Mommy Missions and it has been great.  What fun to hear Little saying, "You shall have no other gods before me" in her sing song voice while she colors the verse with bright markers.  What a joy to ask Bubba "Who Made You?" and hear him say, "God."  And then to ask, "What else did God make?" and hear his little sister race him to say, "God made all things."  Tomorrow, while we eat breakfast, we are going to list things that God made and stop and thank Him for each one.  I can't wait.

9.  Thursday night, Bubba sang "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes" completely in Spanish.  Whhhaaat??

10.  KB and I had an . . . altercation?. . . this week and I told her to meet me in her room for consequences.  She went to her room and I followed.  I called her to come to me and she smiled, climbed up on her bed, and sang, "I'm not obeying you."  I gave her the stern "you better come right now and I'm not playing" look and she sat down on the bed and made the look right back at me adding, "I can make a mean face too, mommy."

Okay, I think that's all I can hold my eyes open for.  Good night! Sleep Tight! And may your dreams come true! Here's a wish - and a prayer - that every dream comes true.  And now . . . till we meet agaaaaaaiiiiiiin - Adios! Au Revoir! Auf Wiedersehen! Good night!  (Lawrence Welk)

And so you can go away with memories lighting the corners of your mind. . . this is when I was pregnant with Bubba, Honey had no grey hairs, I had one chin, and we slept in a basement.  To quote a tv show from the 70's, "Those were the daaaaaaays."


Anonymous said...

20/20 did a segment with Nate last night as well as a model named Pipa who lost her boyfriend in the same situation. MM

This Place is a Disaster! said...

SO true. I would never volunteer to clean someones house unless I REALLy felt the Spirit urge me to do so.
And further, I would never volunteer to babysit peoples children, but IF they ask me, I am so glad that they thought of me and I do it graciously. It feels good to be used when you know you are especially needed.

Julia said...

Loved the free flow of thought. I was under the impression that we were your real friends...maybe we are your real "cool" friends. If it will make you feel better you can watch the 4 Dings anytime you want. I'm sure the kiddo's would get a kick out of all of them. I enjoyed the photo of KB in the tutu with the the two legs of Bubba in the background!

annaj said...

did you have some wine before this post? :-)