Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day Behind and Blog Post Short

I sat down for a brief moment today and checked my Google Reader.  It's now up to 216 posts and I decided to read one.  I went to the blog of my friend Coralie.  That is where I found out that this is NaBloPoMo.  Sounds like a sneeze doesn't it? Well, it stands for National Blog Posting Month.  Can you believe we have one of those? Hmm.  Apparently it is a month set aside for folks to commit to blog once a day every day for a month, thus building a habit (so they say).

I didn't post on November 1.  Dadgummit.  I can't get that back.

The NaBloPoMo website has daily prompts for those bloggers just starting out who have nothing to say but want to be a part of the blogging world.  Today they suggest we write about what makes us notice someone.
A blue mohawk would make me notice someone.  That's not interesting.

Wait a minute.  As I scrolled through the prompts I suddenly realized they were dated back to June!!! There is nothing special about November.  Every month can be NaBloPoMo.  I can rest easy.

All done wasting your time.