Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Catch-Up 1 - Pumpkinland

Have I told you guys that I am going to change the way I approach scrapbooking? I went on that weekend with my friend Nicole and as I spent time getting ready, I realized that most of the pictures I was putting into a scrapbook were pictures I also put on my blog.  There were few exceptions.  So, I decided that I would stop with the family album and just continue to print my blog.  All that said, there may now be a couple pictures included that bore you but I want them in the book in the end.

So, WEEKS ago our family went out to the pumpkin patch for our yearly autumn frolicking. 

We parked the car and, lo and behold, there was a little red wagon sitting right there just begging to be ridden in.  Since these little flyers are used for carrying pumpkins to cars, we felt it an act of service to return it to the patch.  Service with a smile. . .

 Everyone headed straight for the slide, first thing.  I stayed below to capture the festivites on "film" and Honey took the three kiddos up to the top.

Here's Honey herding the crew while Little gets ready to go.

Next up was our brave little KB. . .

then our studlet, Bubba. . .

and then Honey, realizing there was only one way down, grabbed a sack and went for it.

There was a mini obstacle course,

swings (powered by Honey),

and another slide with a ladder right in the haystacks:

This pumpkin patch is super fun.  We had never been here before and there was so much to see and do; like this crazy animal made of pumpkins:

Look at these cute kiddos just sitting there holding pumpkins and waiting for their photo to be taken.  They lasted 1.5 minutes like this and were off running once again.

Where did they run off to? The zip lines, of course.  Here they are.  It looks like they are waiting patiently but, I'll tell you what, they were itching to swing on those ropes.

Little went first.  She LOVED it and was back in line before her brother even got onto his seat.

 Bubba couldn't get enough.  I think he would have gone ten more times if we hadn't put a stop to it and moved on toward the exit. 

KB showed her brave heart once again.  That little girl is afraid of nothing.  Look at the smile on her face.

 Right by the exit there were tire horse swings.  Everyone took their turn.

 One of favorite litte bits of the day was measuring Little at the "How Tall This Fall" sign.  We measured her at the sister patch by our seminary apartment when she was just eight months old.  See how much she's grown:

There was a "hay" ride we should have skipped and a pirate ship to crawl up down and around in.  It was a super fun afternoon.  We rapped up the day at Sonic and had Happy Hour slushies all around.  A great way to cool down on a hot Autumn afternoon. 


Meagan Price said...

HOLD ON! Does this mean you're not scrapping anymore???????????? Say it ain't so!

Anonymous said...

Sure will save alot of time and money. . .good for you, Honey. MM

Allison said...

how fun!! that is like the rock star pumpkin patch!! Love the family pic at the end by the way!!

Glenda said...

Loved the pictures of the pumpkin patch. Also, I've missed you, too, but everyone needs a break sometimes, besides, I knew Memom was there and we know how busy you are while she is there. Welcome back! Love, Glenda

Laura said...

LOVE these pictures of your adorable fam :). I'm dying to know, where do you print your blog??

annaj said...

Great pics! Love it!! Wish we could have done it with you.

Nicole Summerall said...

I remember when we used to do this annual outing with you! :)