Friday, November 5, 2010

Catch-Up 2 - KB's Birthday Party

I gave KB a choice.  Turning three means a party with three friends at our house and I asked her if she would like a princess party or a fairy party.  She chose fairies.  I asked who she would like to invite and it sounded something like this, "I'll invite Mowiah, Lizzy, Gwacie, Johnny, Ella, Sissy, Bubba, Daddy can come, " and then she listed EVERY child from Toddler Time.  Mommy stuck to three guests and sent out invites:

I don't know if you remember, but I had mentioned that it would be cute to see fairies running through the leaves in our yard. . . well, the morning of the party I looked out the window and saw this:

There was no running through leaves.  He knew about the party and I think he got out there early to clear it for us.  It was nice.

The party itself was sweet and fun.  Honey took the kids to breakfast so I could straighten the house a bit and do the final prep.  The plan was for Honey to stop and get balloons on the way home and everything would be ready when the guests arrived at 10AM.

First guests arrived at 9:30AM.  Our friends are a one car family and it turned out daddy had to go into work early.  I saw them drive up and I giggled.  I let out a long breath and just relaxed.  See, Honey wasn't home with the birthday girl; M-fairy didn't understand what she was doing at our house with no KB.

The next minivan drove up at 10:00AM on the dot.  It was not our minivan.  Girls poured out (all three of them) and Kitty herded G-fairy and L-fairy into the house.  10:05 AM our minivan drove up.  10:10AM everything was where it should be and Honey was walking out the door with Little and Bubba; headed for the fall festival at the park down the street and the hope for pony rides.

Earlier that morning I was pulling something down from the shelf in my closet and a pack of fairy stickers fell on my head.  Nice timing.  Would have forgotten that I purchased those! It was the perfect opening activity.  The girls created their own meadow with a fairy flittering around in it.  KB was very into it.

Then everyone came into the living room and chose an envelope.  Background info for those who have not seen the Tinkerbell movie: the fairies each have talents.  Tinkerbell doesn't like her talent and tries to do everyone else's job but is never successful until she is satisfied with her own talent and uses it for the benefit of the whole.  Well, our fairies picked envelopes that contained character traits.  The colors on their card let them know which tutu and wings would be theirs.

I sprinkled a little bit of pixie dust (glitter) over them and turned them into a fairy for the day.  Bet you didn't know I had that skill!

Once everyone was dressed we headed outside and the girls went straight to the swing set.  It was as fun to watch as I had imagined.

When KB and I talked about her party she told me the games she wanted to play.  She wanted to play "Hide and Seek games, and tag, and chase."  A real lady that one! Well, she got her wish and a spontaneous game of tag broke out with M-fairy and her.

Vman, M-fairy's brother, was happy to sit, watch, and play with dirt and rocks.

After a bit, we went back into the house for "cake".  

Okay, so they are donut holes in little cupcake wrappers.  It was cute and fine.  She got a cake on her birthday, don't worry.  The chocolate milk and donuts were served in KB's room.  They were precious.

The Laird clan headed out pretty soon after the food was gone.  M-fairy and her family stayed for lunch and then I took them home.  KB told every stranger and friend we encountered over the next two days that she had a faiwy pawty and there were balloons.   

I have to remember that for next year: all she needs is balloons!


Debbie said...

So sweet! Looks like KB enjoyed every bit of her party! I love the donut hole "cakes".

Anonymous said...

How adorable! I love clever parties and party planners. I'm in Brevard and a friend of your mom and so enjoy your family. Love, Hunter

Allison said...

You should be a party planner in your spare time... you and kb just couldn't be any cuter!!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha. Allison said "with your spare time." :-)

It really was the perfect 3 year old birthday party. M-fairy is still talking about it, and her tutu has been the hit of every little girl who has come to play.

Nicole Summerall said...

ahhh, the pictures I've been waiting for. SO CUTE!

Anonymous said...

I've decided to start attending your children's birthday parties. :) Mo