Monday, November 8, 2010

Catch Up 3 - Family Birthday

KB has plenty of personality; I am sure you remember this from past posts.  She was remarkably easy going about her actual birthday.  Maybe the party the day before threw her off.  MAYBE it was God's grace because that was the day my ear infection/possible strep kicked in full gear.

The family went to church, ate lunch, had naps like usual.  When KB woke up there were gifts on the table:
(she is actually saying "Tah Dah!")

See the laptop sitting on the blue hutch? That's Memom and Pop on the screen.  They watch the opening of gifts and blowing out of candles from Birmingham via Skype.  Gotta love technology.  
Side note: Isn't it weird to think our kids will grow up in a world where it has always been possible to call their grandparents on the computer? KB will never know life without an Ipod.  Weird.

Anywho. . . KB got a Silvermist doll (Silvermist with a lisp is adorable.  I am thrilled it's her favorite character from the Tinker Bell movie.

Honey picked out this cake.  All plans for the "mommy made" cake went out the door the day before when I started feeling off.  He did such a perfect job (pink and purple are KB's favorite colors) and the fairy on the top fulfilled all promises of a fairy cake.

It was super fun.  I forgot ice cream again.  That makes it official - it's a blue hutch tradition to NOT have ice cream with birthday cake.  Wonder if my family will go for that?


Debbie said...

That was a great cake!! Way to go "Honey"!

Anonymous said...

Google this ''beloit college mindset list'' Look for the year KB will graduate it will tell you lots of things that she won't have an idea about, like life without microwaves, etc. Don't look for your year though because apparantly we know about lots of things. It is interesting though.
Emily in SC