Thursday, September 23, 2010

Premiere week - Day 4

I should just stop posting about this. 

Honey took a break from studying to watch Bones with me tonight.  It was good to see the familiar faces - we LOVE Bones - but it was a weak premiere. 

The real doozy of the night was realizing I wrote down the wrong time for Big Bang Theory.  I wrote down 8:00PM and that was EST!!! Oh My Word.  And CBS doesn't put it online so I think we are just messed up over that.  It was probably solid and hilarious.  Deep sigh.  Did ANYONE record it?????

Hello.  My name is Becky and I am a mediaholic.


Anonymous said...

So why happened to you're loving "The Mentalist"? A fair weather fan, huh? MM

Laura said...

We recorded it (big bang theory...LOVE it), but haven't watched it yet. I'll let ya know what you missed :).

Laura said...

BTW, have you ever seen 'Community'? By FAR our favorite.

porternews said...

I have never watched this show but is it not on Hulu??

Anonymous said...

Oz to US. Becky, where are you? We miss our daily fix! Have a great day, love from Helen.