Friday, September 24, 2010

Game Night

Last weekend we had our 3rd Women's game night at church and it was a hoot again.  There is nothing like useless trivia, bubble gum, and giggles to bring women out of their shells and together as friends.  This year we stayed with the same team throughout the entire evening.  Here's our motley crew:

There was trivia, name that tune, pictionary, don't forget the lyrics, and a  bubble blowing contest.  Check out my friend, Arianna.  This was the first of two bubbles she blew this big.  For some reason there continued to be some debate over who was the winner (one of the girls was related to the judge) but Arianna was given her rightful title as victor in the end.

Still, our team partner, Marie, gets an honorable mention.  The only woman over 35 who even put herself in the game and this photo shows that she was a serious contender.  I'm glad to know Marie.

In the end we didn't win even one round.  We had fun.  During pictionary I laughed so hard I cried.  I can't wait to do it again (and maybe even win.).


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures! Makes me cry... I miss you guys so much and wish I could have been there too! Denise

annaj said...

Sounds so fun!!

Anonymous said...

......THERE continued to be ........ not "their". Oh dear, I'm beginning to sound like MY MOTHER!!!!!!! Sorry, but I couldn't help myself! Have a good day, love from Aussie Helen.