Thursday, September 23, 2010

Premiere Week - Day 3

Taped Under Covers on our old VCR.  Honey had to study and he wants to watch it too.  I'm not sure when that will ever happen.

I did watch Cougartown (guilty pleasure).  Laughed out loud three times.  The kind of laughing that is good for the heart.  Jennifer Anniston guest starred and anyone who was a faithful Friends viewer would enjoy seeing she and Cortney Cox together again.

Best line of the night actually came from a commercial.  I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard at a movie trailer. 

"Life as We Know It," starring Katherine Hiegl and Josh Duhamel looks pretty funny in general.  A chic movie and popcorn muncher, if you will.  Basic storyline: two singles get set up by their best friends and have a disastrous blind date.  They think they will never see each other again.  BUT their best friends die and leave their infant daughter in the care of these single friends.  The line in the commercial last night? Josh D's character was sitting with a bunch of fathers and one dad said, "You never get used to the kiddie music."  Another dad adds, "If I knew where those Wiggles lived I would make a little visit with an AK47 and kill them all."  H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S

Did you watch anything or did you spend your Wednesday night in a more productive manner?


Debbie said...

I did actually watch week 2 of Survivor last night. I know, I really need to give that show up, but I am just so LOYAL :). Other than that, my evenings slip away and I am not watching anything.:( I am getting some good ideas from you, though.

Glenda said...

Nothing appealed to me on t.v. last night, so I continued reading a wonderful book, Laura Bush's book, "Spoken From the Heart". I would encourage all to read it. Glenda

amy said...

i am so excited that fall shows are back on! makes me want to exercise (i record them at night and then give myself the gift of watching while i work out!) i am especially excited about parenthood. :)

annaj said...

i'm that way about Barney (the AK47, not the VCR!)

Anonymous said...

I'm gettin' old. I can't remember what i did last night. Mo