Friday, August 13, 2010

Whispers of Back To School

Yeah, we haven't started school yet.  We like to live on the edge that way.  Class lists were posted today - at 5:00PM - on the window of the breezeway.  It was like going to see to what part you had been cast in the school's production of Annie.  Little has the teacher I had been told she would have BUT her little friend Meagan is not in there with her.  She was fully aware what was happening and visibly disturbed.  We chatted about the new friends God has for her to meet and maybe a couple of them needed to know our heavenly Father and he wants to use Little in their lives.  She told her dad about it in a much happier tone.

It's freezer food swap night but I sent Honey with our cooler full of Chinese Chicken so that I could get somethings done.  I have been putting together an Education Support Information packet for Little's teachers and that came to a head since we planned to give them out during the school's "Meet and Greet" which just happens to be tomorrow! This has personal info about Little, but also has articles that cover the diagnosis itself, big ideas for education, and more.  I am excited about being able to give this to Mrs. Phelan tomorrow.


Lastly, I had a LOT of pens.  School supplies days bring out the worst in me and this week you could get a pack of pens for under $.50.  I made a little tag:

And wah-lah! A little something to make the day/event extra special.

These tags are available on! Go check them out and we'll let you know how tomorrow goes!


annaj said...

Definitely cutesy!

Julia said...

what in the world is Freezer Swap Night?

Debbie said...

I love the pen idea!! So cute. Hope tomorrow goes well and we will be praying for some special friends for Little.

Allison said...

could you possibly be any more precious?