Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy Birthday, Bubba

We are so thankful God gave you to us FIVE years ago. 
I can barely look at a picture of you as a baby without wanting to squeal and cry.  I fell in love with you from the very first minutes and there's been no going back ever since.

You were born the day after hurricane Katrina destroyed New Orleans. 
It didn't seem right to lie in the hospital feeling such joy when others were so devastated nearby.
But I couldn't help myself.

I wasn't the only one who loved you right away.

Little kissed you the minute she met you and you've been her favorite friend all these years. 
What a joy to watch.

And now here you are - so big, yet still my baby.
You have such a tender heart, never wanting anyone to cry.
You love to talk about Jesus and to read about Nicodemus.
Your loves include reading, writing, singing, computer games, Kipper, and Pooh.
My favorite time is bedtime, when you will let me give you kisses and you giggle and giggle.
I can't wait to see what God plans to do with you.  I have a feeling it's going to be BIG.

I love you, Bubba.
Happy Birthday!


Jo ann said...

Happy Birthday, Bubba! Have a GREAT day :-).

Debbie said...

Happy Birthday, Bubba!!! What a cute baby and what a precious little boy! Enjoy the day!

annaj said...

that was beautiful

Allison said...

such a sweet post! he is SOOO darn cute!!