Sunday, August 29, 2010

10 Year Run - Ended

We've been married ten years.  Well, almost ten years.  Two months and 13 days shy of ten years.  Anyway, one thing has been a constant in our marriage.  One thing I thought I could count on forever.  One thing I never thought I would be living without. . .

A coffee maker on the counter.

That's right.  It was one of Honey's favorite wedding gifts and has held a place of honor in our kitchen since before the actual ceremony. 

But today. . . today Honey cleaned the coffee pot.  Today I looked up and saw this:

I gave Honey a birthday gift only 8 days ago and now I have an entire corner of counter space that is free.  A gift that keeps giving!! And I have Laura O'Connell, Miss Moka and this post to thank for it!

I read Laura's write up about Miss Moka and took it seriously - see, Laura and I used to carpool to work during seminary and that meant I was privy to her relationship with Starbucks.  Any product that she claims makes a latte that is causing her visits to SBs to diminish. . . that's a product my husband would get into.

And he has.
And the coffee is amazing. 
It's like, "special function at Wash U. savor every taste" yummy.

So, thank you Laura.  Thank you Miss Moka.
I'm off to dream of what to put on that counter top!!


Debbie said...

Love your new spot! Don't fill it with anything for awhile--just enjoy the extra SPACE!!

Laura said...

I'm giddy for you. SOO excited that you're getting to experience the wonders of miss moka!! :)