Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bubba's Birthday Treats

Remember how I wasn't allowed (by my five year old) to do cupcakes because that "was Grace's birthday treat"?  Well, I decided to go with donut holes and everyone got five. . . 'cause Bubba is five.  Scrabble tiles were the letter choice for the morning.  Cutesy Cutesy Cutesy!!!

We took water too.  The teacher immediately said that I wasn't responsible for drinks, but I told her it was part of the party package:

For the afternoon class we went with the letter theme still again.  Scrabble Cheezits + Alphabits + raisins = our own party mix. 

Bubba barely ate dinner that night.  Can you fault him?


Jo ann said...

Awesome ideas! Halfpint's birthday is April and Boo's in July so let me know when you are coming to take care of their snacks for school--Boo can have his party any time during the school year! :-)

Debbie said...

How CUTE!!!

Anonymous said...

Clever, clever, clever!
Just like your mom. :) ML

zellner said...

I absolutely LOVE the snack packs! Precious ideas :)

Dawn said...

You are such a cool mom!