Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bubba's Birthday - Give it a rest?

Okay, so I know it was only a birthday and you are over it.  Still, I plan to print this someday AND relatives far and wide enjoy seeing our little man's face, so bear with me.

Every year there is a birthday shirt and why should 2010 be any different.  Bubba was sent off to school Monday in, I believe, his coolest birthday shirt ever.  Know how old he is?

After a day of preschool partying, Bubs headed home for cake.  Little had been telling him for days that there would be a big cake for him on his birthday.  When we dropped her off at school, her last words were, "And when we get home Bubba will have a big cake!" He did.

Thanks to Honey there were candles for Bubba to blow out.  (I bought some but could not find them!!! Anywhere.)  Bubs did a great job and had unsolicited help from all around him.

Then there were presents opened under the watchful eye of the sisters:

AND an impromptu scavenger hunt because mom (that's me) forgot to wrap the presents she bought.  Yes.  Forgot.  So I hid them behind cushions and throughout the evening he got to look behind another cushion.  Good times.

In the end there were a lot of Legos, AutoBGood DVDs, and one happy boy. 

Many gifts means many thank you notes.  We are doing one a day. He is writing them using this little help I made and then adding a sentence of his own creation (and spelling).  He hasn't misspelled a word yet!

Grandparents are not on this wipe board because they are in the second round of note writing.  Memom's note will need a wipe board of her own and I just found Grandpa's card today.

So now I need to take Bub's yearly car shot and we'll be done.


Jo Ann said...

Becky--never fear, we never "tire" of seeing your children! We wish we could see you more in person :-).

Julia said...

I think even Mr. Dave would concur that Buba's shirt this year is the coolest evah!