Thursday, August 5, 2010

All She Wants For Christmas

That's right, folks. Two teeth within one week.

We could all barely believe it.  A shout out to cousin Abigail who bravely pulled her own tooth just weeks ago using dental floss.  The same noose and tug method was used at The Blue Hutch and with equal success.  Little now has a lisp that gives KB's a run for it's money on cuteness. 

The Tooth Fairy brought a dollar this time and all of it went straight into the piggy bank.  No more messing around.  That Netbook at Sam's Club is GOING to be hers!!! Love that girl.


Debbie said...

How exciting!!! She looks adorable with missing teeth :). Make sure you get lots of pictures before those new big girl teeth come in. I love hearing those lisps, too.

Jo Ann said...

Boo asked "why did she pull her teeth--b/c she wanted to be famous and on OUR computer?"

BTW--Boo has lost one of the top teeth and the other one is quite wiggly :-).