Friday, August 6, 2010

Staycation - Day Five - Can't leave you hangin'

Thursday ended up being a favorite day for sure.  We went to Purina Farms after celebrating Little's tooth.  It was Bubba's turn to sit with Memom and Pops.

We had never been here before and all I knew was there was a cow for the kids to milk at 10:30AM.  We arrived at Purina Farms at 10:30 AM.  We were in such a rush to get to the barn and there was such confusion, my camera didn't have time to adjust to the DRAMATIC temperature change from the car to barn.  Consequently, my first photos are a bit hazy.  So sad.  Still, if you peek through the haze you can see my city kids milking a cow:

There were interesting "games" to help kids learn a bit.  This sign shows how much weight each animal can pull. 

Attached to the scale was a long rope for you to pull and see if you could compare.  The kids gave it a whirl.
Let's just say I am hoping we never get stuck in deep snow with only a smooth piece of wood and rope.  (These guys couldn't pull as much as a sled dog.)

There was a little petting zoo too:

KB really got into it!!

After terrorizing that poor bunny, we went out to see the dog show.  We had to walk past the less-than-friendly geese to get there.

Little LOVED the dog show.  I think all of us enjoyed ourselves, but Little (oblivious to all around her) would say, "Oh Wow!" in response to what she saw.  I also heard her encouraging little voice say, "Oooh.  That was good."   It was really good.

It was a super fun morning.  Very relaxed (once we milked the cows) and very age appropriate for the kids.  We drove home and had McDs for lunch and then NAPS all around. 

That night, after the kids went to bed, the adults played Five Crowns and had such a great time. 

Memom and Pop left the next morning after an hour in the pool. 
Bubs has asked about them almost every day.  Two days ago he picked out a house down the street to be Pop's house.  Yesterday he asked to go to Pop's hotel.  These are the times that make me want to live close to family.

Thanks for coming, Memom and Pop! We loved having you. 

We love you!!!


Debbie said...

I would say your staycation was a huge success!!

Anonymous said...

Now we know why we were so tired when we got home!!! But it was a very nice "staycation," oops - vacation. Memom and Pop

Julia said...

I heart KB's sunglasses just like a little Diva!