Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sizzling Request

Janet Evanovitch has had her 16th Plum Novel published.  It is named "Sizzling Sixteen" and I am eager to read it.  I read the first 15 last year and laughed out loud in each one. 

So Honey requested the book from the city library system last week.  I was 130 in line.  Seriously.  I went to look today and he had requested it to be held at a library in a township far, far away and I went to change it.  I have been moved to position 141.

I went to look at the county library site and it told me they have 332 copies of the book! Can you believe that? I am number 420 in line. 

Let's hope those city folk are fast readers!


Julia said...

My favorite character is got to be Lula the Ho! It is nice to know that people still use the Library these days!

Debbie said...

Never heard of them, but they must be good :)