Sunday, August 29, 2010

First Day of Second School

You heard right: Bubba is going to two schools this Fall. We decided the structure, plan, and challenge would be just what he needed and enrolled him in the 4 year old program at our church's day school.  He'll go to Kirk Day M, W, F mornings and to Parkway M-TH afternoons.  It's a lot to keep up with, so I created this to help:

He has it on the refrigerator and checks it at breakfast.  It's interesting to watch his face when he checks it.  He LOVES going to Kirk Day School (KDS) and being in Misters Dare's class (that's how he pronounces Mrs. - funny,eh? Plural Mr.  Ha!).  He lights up when he sees that it's a KDS day.

His experience at KDS has been super positive for me too.  My little boy talks all the way home in the car and tells me about the things they did.  He has been pretending with his friend Stephen (three new things. . . pretending, a consistent friend, and me knowing about it).  He learned adios in Spanish last week.  One little girl, Grace, had a birthday and had cupcakes.  I asked Thomas if he wanted cupcakes on Monday for HIS birthday (we are responsible for snacks) and he told me no because that was Grace's choice for HER birthday; in his mind that took cupcakes off the choice list.  Having him ask to go back to school again is such a joy.  It's wonderful to know he is loving it.

Yes, I do have a theory on why he is responding differently but I'll wait a bit longer before sharing my thoughts.  For now I'm going to just be thankful. . . and go figure out what to fix for tomorrow's snacks!

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Nicole said...

So glad he's loving it. Hmmm, that bag looks familiar.