Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kindergarten - Check!

Yes - in the world of Little, if you were to mention Kindergarten, the response would now be, "Been there. Done that." My first born is is a first grader. She is thrilled. I am a bit shell shocked. We have heard her teacher is just the PERFECT one for her and she'll be in the same class as Megan which thrills her. But this post is not about looking forward - - it's about what she just finished.

Kindergarten best friend: Megan

Kindergarten TA: Mrs. Bueltman (Little says this was her other best friend.)

Kindergarten Teacher: Mrs. Williams

Kindergarten Class:
Kindergarten Celebration and the certificate of passage!
It was a big year and our Little is very different from when she started school. She's bigger, but still our Little.


annaj said...

i just love that little girl so much!

Jo Ann said...

How precious! I'm having a hard time allowing E to go to 4th grade this year :-(. She has been in the same building and now she moves which means she is growing up!