Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Carnival With Daddy

The elementary school that Little attends has a carnival every spring. They fill the parking lot with rides galore and students can purchase a bracelet that gets them all the rides they want, a bag of popcorn, and a bottle of water. Little went with her daddy and had a GREAT time.

Can you pick out her little head on the far left? Hopefully that arrow helps!
She is so tiny to be riding such rides. Makes me ache a bit. This pictures is cute, though. Both she and the older gal have their heads down but are obviously chatting. Cute.
Now, the Flying Dutchman at Six Flags Atlanta was one of my favorite rides. There was a bit of a rush involved but not so much motion that my issues with motion became a problem. SO FUN to see our Little enjoying a similar ride.

Ready to go:

Looks like she is having second thoughts:

Holding on for dear life:
And then the swings . . . who doesn't enjoy the swings?

It seems to be a bit tame for her, eh?
All in all it seemed to be wonderful and I am so thankful for a Honey who will shamelessly take a gazillion photos so I can "experience" what I actually missed.

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