Friday, June 25, 2010

First Movie at the Movies

A local theatre is hosting free family friendly films each week and last week the film just happened to be one our kids enjoy. Honey took the morning off so he could share the experience with us and we joined a couple hundred other children for the showing of:

The kids did great. They have seen the movie before so I knew they could sit that long. I took a toy for Little to fidget with and that ended up being a stroke of genius on my part. I was glad it was free because we had the freedom to leave when they did start getting antsy; that wasn't until the last 7 minutes when Wilbur takes Charlotte's eggs back to the farm.

It was a fun morning. Bubba didn't like the noise before the movie began. All the people talking was a bit overwhelming in conjunction with the continuous noise from the Behind the Scenes look at some movie we didn't know anything about. He was glad when the film finally started.
The only other film I'm interested in taking them too is Horton Hears a Who - it's this week while Honey is at General Assembly. I just need to decide if I'm going to do it.

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Helen said...

Becky, just re Bubba's issue with noise, I saw a comment on a discussion list this week where children with ASD were given ear muffs they could put on when the noise level got too much - would that help?