Thursday, June 24, 2010

Target Trip

After dropping the kiddos off at VBS this morning, KB and I headed to Target to see if we could make a mockery of their difficult policies and poor customer care. I feel that we did it.

This was our purchase for the day:

6 body wash
1 bathroom cleaner
2 lip balm/moisturizer
2 July 4th hair bows
1 pair sunglasses
2 paper towels
1 bib
1 razor
2 baby wipes
4 ft. ribbon

Total spent: $11.93 ($6 of which was bib and bows.)

There is a mail-in rebate available for the original cost of the razor, so I will get $8 back on that.

That makes the total spent: $3.93
Total saved: $56.99 (93%)


Julia said...

When is the next movie? Perhaps, I can take the morning off and enjoy?

Anonymous said...

we have that bib!