Friday, June 25, 2010

Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb

This is a project that has been waiting for me to finish it for some time now. I would just look at it and walk away. All that was left to do was Modge Podge KB's name, stats, and the measuring tape to the board. THAT WAS IT.

You may not notice the colossal and ridiculous mistake I made. In my excitement to get it done today, I put all the words and numbers in the wrong places. I had two kids at VBS and KB was with "Pushman" so I was going to give 30 min. to a check on my to do list. What I actually did was create days of more work. Argh.

I put her name down the side. Her name was supposed to go up top. It would soften up the pink a damask a bit. And then there is her birth date. I put it down the side. It was supposed to go at the bottom by her birth length. Why is this a big deal? What was supposed to go down the side?? The markings as she grows FOR PETE's SAKE!

Honey says we can sand it off. . . Ugh.

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