Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Would You Post the Zoo?

If you lived near one of our country's greatest zoos and if admittance to that zoo was free and if you went quite often. . .

would you post every trip? Would you scrapbook every visit? Would you even take a camera??

Little went to the zoo with the Kindergarten just a few days before school ended for the summer. I sent my camera with her aid and she took a couple precious photos. But seriously, there's only so many ways she can stand beside an elephant, right?

Am I right?


Anonymous said...

Is that a real rhino? If so, it was worth sending the camera. Great picture! If it's a "statue," I'm a dufus. MM

Julia said...

It is always good to share the photo with an elephant!

annaj said...

always post pictures of Little, always

This Place is a Disaster! said...

My sister-in-law takes a video camera to every trip to the zoo, every trip to any park, family reunion and anything she does. She tapes the entire thing, (even though she has an anual pass to the zoo) Then, she turns them on while we are over for dinner, "So we can watch them in the back ground!"
If we happen to be in the video or at the occassion, she is so kind to make us a copy of the videos, every year!