Monday, June 7, 2010


On May 11 we went to the nearby hospital's surgical center and our KB received her second set of tubes. This experience was VERY different from the first. Very.

KB's first pair of tubes stayed in 1.5 years and that's a GREAT stint. The problem was that as soon as one of them came out, she began having ear infections again. Over a three month span there were five infections and as soon as the left tube came out, she got one in it too. Result: new tubes.

At 7 months, we just took KB in and 15 minutes later we were leaving. This was a half day affair which included our own room, a stylin' gown for the patient, and free Disney's Playhouse! Hot Dog!

There was time for KB to color while we waited our turn and time for mommy to journal in her scrapbook while she waited for KB to return from surgery.

KB was loopy when they brought her back to me. She was snuggly and sleepy and kept asking for her toy. I didn't have a toy for her, so the nurse went to get a teddy bear she could hold. Now, this teddy bear was just a form with bow (something the women in a nearby church sewed for the children) and when KB saw it her eyes grew wide and she said, "Where's his eyes?" Then she burst into tears. She would NOT let it go nor would she look at it but just cried and cried, "He needs eyes. Mommy, get his eyes." Finally I worked out a way for him to go bye bye and he went to sleep under the bed.

Of course I am a sicko mom and took a picture of her with the eyeless bear before I put him away. Tee Hee.

She was so miserable but such a trouper. Of course they rushed to feed her Teddy Grahams and she wanted more, so two bags and a cup of juice later we left for home. Just as I went to get her out of the car to carry her inside, she shared the Teddy Grahams and Juice with me and her car seat. After a bath she was as good as new and one would never even know she'd had anything done to her.

I hope these are our last tubes EVER. We'll see. . .


Allison said...

We had a similar story when we had to have surgery to take Abby's tubes out (lovely to pay for them twice!) They kept pushing her to drink and eat orange popsicles and we barely made it home before we saw them again as well!!
I personally love the pics!

Helen said...

Over here we call them grommets, hence my confusion with your post last year about putting a grommet in your curtain! Fabulous that it obviously isn't affecting her language development.

Julia said...

I enjoyed the transition of the photos. From the he first one with her standing up on the bed...the her screaming that the bear has no eyes! LOVE IT!