Friday, March 12, 2010

Bubba's Latest Self-Soother

When life gets to be a little too much for our little man, he heads to his room, pulls out his magnetic letters and spells for awhile. OR he makes collages in his wooden puzzle frame.

See that pile of books by his left foot? Those are books that he has gone through and spelled out all the words with his magnetic letters. He'll work steadily for an hour or more without stopping. It is fascinating to watch.

2 comments: said...

Dear little man. Thank goodness for these modern toys that can relieve some of the frustration of children like Bubba and Little with her computer. Not to mention a bit of respite for the Mums and Dads. How did parents of children with autism cope in days gone by I wonder? Perhaps they didn't. Still praying for you Becky, love from Helen

Nick, Annie, Aiden, Sophie and Clip said...

That is very fascinating to hear about and I'm sure even more fascinating to watch!
I hope his new schedules are helpful to him! They are very cute!
You really do a great job of meeting your children where they are, Becky!