Friday, March 12, 2010

he said, she said

It's been a stressful couple of weeks around here. The sellers on Ebay have reaped the benefit of my emotional state. As you know, I found Little's Easter dress. It arrived yesterday and is GORGEOUS.

I had bid on another dress as well and ended up winning it too. It is navy with white dots and a string of daisies around the waist. It arrived this week and was such a washed out disappointment. I feel certain that when it was first purchased it was just perfectly adorable but I felt a bit jipped when I opened the package. Thankfully, the gal gave me my money back.

Little tried it on this morning. (I am sure she'll wear it around the house to play.) This is the conversation I overheard in the living room:

Little: Look at my new dress.
Bubba: You're adorable, Little.
Little: Yes, I am.
KB: I wear dat dress, Lil?
Little: Not till you grow up, KB.



annaj said...

that just made my day

Anonymous said...

I love it. You got your money back and didn't have to send the dress back?