Friday, January 15, 2010

Up In The Air

We had a date night tonight and went to see Up In The Air. Our city was featured and it was fun to sit in the room with folks excited to see on the screen what they drive past on a regular basis.

It was a good movie; made me laugh, made me angry, surprised me too! It was infuriating in some respects and perfectly charming in others. I have to say that it was real and that can be bothersome to me. Jason Reitman is not a sugar-coater for sure.

George Clooney looks so much like his daddy that it is weird.
Jason Bateman was in it too.

I am not recommending the movie - Glenda, Adelaide, Mom - there's cursing and other things. But, for a film made by Babylonians about Babylon . . . it represents.

After the viewing we drove home down a street lined with retail and restaurants. I looked "up in the air" and saw that the Hometown Buffet sign wasn't completely lit. As a matter of fact , the m e t o w and n were all blown out. Yea, it was a Ho Buffet. REALLY?????? Surely the manager isn't going to let that go for too long.

My sweet Honey proved how well he knows me by asking if I wanted to turn around and go take a picture. I got a new camera for Christmas - a tiny one, just perfect to keep in my purse for surprise moments that must be captured. Moments just like this one. I changed bags before we went out and I didn't have my camera. Honey says I will be going back tomorrow night to get the photo as consequence for my bad decision. We'll see.

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annaj said...

we saw that one - thought George did a great job! and i like that Anna chick too.